Our Values

In a constant search for the best that can be offered by the fruits of the olive groves of Jaén, Oleocampo applies the maximum quality criteria to every single one of its products. The quality proper to the fruit is respected to the ultimate degree. So, today, Oleocampo can offer products of acknowledged prestige obtained from its oil mills and bottling plants using the latest technology in the sector. Innovation is therefore another constant in our daily tasks. Striving to do better season after season is an indispensable dynamic which all workers of Oleocampo have as their daily objective. Within our values, we cannot forget the cooperative nature which Oleocampo has sustained since its founding. Solidarity, equity and transparency are the notes giving flavour to the music of our business.

OLEOCAMPO: Passion, mastery and tradition

We are protagonists of modernity, not mere spectators, and so are ready for new markets and new consumers.

All our efforts are aimed at permanent updating and innovation. Our commercial structure is the decisive link between our products and brands, which combine well with the desires of our customers throughout the world, and forms a key piece in our international success together with quality and direct attention to the customer.

The success of our olive oils is due to the fusion of clear blue skies, drying breezes, fertile soil and the wide range of temperatures so typical of the Mediterranean region, a natural environment ideally suited to the development of the olive tree. This propitious combination of factors ensures that the fruit gives up all its natural goodness to produce a sublime olive oil.

Each of our brands represents leadership in quality, innovation and experience, with a good present but also with a promising future, taking care over their presentation and design in the utmost details.

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