The history and culture of which we form part transcends the most intimate desires of man to obtain from nature the marvellous products it has to offer us. For that reason, Oleocampo has, since its beginnings based itself on a native culture that surprises with its particular nuances. Respecting the knowledge that has been passed down to us by our history, and adapting the highest technology in existence, our main objective is to achieve the best oil with the best fruits of the earth, the taste of origin.

An important part of our partners’ olive groves consists of plantations that are over a hundred years old, though the latest technological innovations have also been introduced, involving young plantations with an increase in the density of trees, transformation of the irrigation process and so on.

The predominant variety is Picual, to which small quantities of Cornezuelo have been incorporated in the oldest plantations.

All these circunstances have a favourable influence as they lead to our cooperatives being associated with a wide range of oils with a differentiated odour and flavour, permitting an excellent selection to be made and offering year after year, in our bottling plants, extra virgin olive oils of the highest quality, with a homogeneous nature in spite of the different characteristics of each olive harvest.

From the organoleptic point of view, Oleocampo extra virgin olive oil tends towards greenish and green-yellowish tones that are easily recognizable. Its odour is usually defined as fruity, fresh and fragrant, while its taste is noted for a distinctive bitterness, with an intense aftertaste of fresh olive, leaving a prolonged aftertaste of fresh olive in the mouth.

Oleocampo extra virgin olive oils have a high content of mono-unsaturates, especially oleic, and a high proportion of antioxidants, which makes them very stable.

On behalf of the Oleocampo Group, we would like to thank you for the time spent on getting to know about our organization, the service which we are pleased to provide our society with the offer of the best virgin olive oils, and the confidence that you have placed in us.

The oil produced is mostly Extra virgin; 100% Picual Variety, which is a fundamental fact for the organoleptic and sensorial characteristics of our oil.

Extra virgin olive oils obtained cold from mechanical procedures starting from olives at the optimum point of ripening. These are our oils, fruity,? fresh and fragrant, with a distinctive bitterness and intense taste of olive, and a prolonged aftertaste in the mouth and which constitutes a luxury for consuming on its own and for elegantly producing a range of different dishes.

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