Oleocampo is belonged to the Regional Network of Olive Oil Mills Oleo-Tourist, specialized in Qualities and Uses Olive Oil and Nutrition, promoted by ADSUR.

Regional Network of Almazaras Oleo-Tourist (Oil Mill).

It is a network of interpretive, educational and tourist areas for the promotion of the Olive Growers. Nine oil mills in the region of the Sierra Sur de Jaén connected through their interpretations centres.
An interesting journey through a sea of olive trees that lead us to discover the culture of the liquid gold.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, olive juice.

A balanced diet required for the maintenance of health, it must contain the three main macronutrients, carbohydrates, fats and proteins in suitable proportions. Olive oil is olive juice and therefore a vegetable fat. Represents the main source of fat in the Mediterranean diet and provides numerous health benefits.

Olive Oil: a good mate for life

In childhood is the best dietary fat for babies. The olive oil provides essential fatty acids similar to that found in breast milk. In adolescence and adulthood, olive oil provides essential elements for proper development and human welfare. In old age, the consumption of olive oil manages to balance the digestive capacity and absorption of nutrients and minerals that are lost over the years.

A great reputation

In ancient times, olive oil was already considered a drug because of its natural properties and pharmacological action. Our body needs a balanced and healthy diet in which all nutrients are present.

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